Bread for the Journey of Santa Cruz is a group of volunteers who raises money in our local community. We give micro-grants to people who have an idea to make our community more healthy, just, and wonderful. These small grants, given to the right person at the right time, make a big impact in our local community.

Our mission is to find people of strength and vision who are excited about improving our community and help them make it happen.

Bread for the Journey’s simple model of grassroots giving makes it easy to make a difference. We are founded on these principles:

People before proposals

People are at the heart of generosity and philanthropy. Grant selection is based on personal interaction and trust, not paperwork.

Simple and fun

Our chapter is run by volunteers from our living rooms and kitchens. We raise money and when we have money, we give it away.


Bread for the Journey has the ability to respond quickly to people’s ideas because there’s not a long, drawn-out application process.


Since Bread for the Journey grants are small and strategic, a small amount can go farther. It’s not just for high rollers – anyone can make a difference.


People have the opportunity to give in our own community and see the results. It’s a perfect way to get to know the many people doing great things locally.


We trust our ability to recognize recipients who are energetic and insightful. We are inspired by their dreams. We trust them, follow them, and help them get what they need.


Bread for the Journey welcomes anyone and supports diverse causes. We believe it takes many ingredients and efforts to make a community whole.

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