Bread for the Journey of Santa Cruz is part of a national network of volunteer chapters in more than 20 cities and towns across the country. Bread for the Journey volunteers sustain cultural diversity, promote ecological conservation, improve the lives of children, develop the leadership of youth, and create simple systems to meet basic needs of the most marginalized through the grants we give.

Bread for the Journey started in 1988 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Wayne Muller and a few friends, a small group of “ordinary” people like us. They were not people of great wealth but they each felt they had something to give. Over a spaghetti dinner, they explored how they could be more generous and support positive change in their community.

From that dinner, a simple, effective model of grassroots philanthropy evolved that has been successfully replicated by small groups of volunteers, like us, who have formed chapters in communities around the country. Drawing on over two decades of experience, Bread for the Journey in Novato, CA provides training and tools that make it easy for us to focus on what’s important – making a difference in our community.

At its heart, Bread for the Journey’s work is about inviting people to participate as an agent of change to make their local community more vital, healthy, beautiful, and just.

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