Literacy and Community Building Through Photography: A multi-faceted approach combining visual literacy and writing

14 November, 2013

Click!  Snap!  Look at this! Thanks to the recent grant of $1,000, awarded to us by Bread for the Journey Santa Cruz Chapter, we were able to purchase six digital cameras and a printer to launch a creative new program for San Lorenzo Valley preschoolers.  Radical cuts to all Santa Cruz County school programs had left our pre-school kids and their families with no programs to support their transition from home to our community. Now, South Street Centre in Boulder Creek, is revitalized.  Through a series of classes and activities in photojournalism, we’re able to provide a new artistic and educational experience for young children in the community. This critical step helps them learn what being a member of their community can be.

Photojournalism is an opportunity to offer children creative introduction to art, language and the importance of their local environment.  Instructors help guide children in the use of digital cameras, the art of photography and the relationship and responsibility they have to their community and surroundings.  The course provides an early introduction to the merging mediums of technology and art, as well as language development through written words, phrases and sentences describing their photographs.  Throughout the course, the children will be given freedom to look through new lenses, to express themselves through a special combination of art and language that uniquely fits each child.  The result is an early appreciation for art, their environment and the many forms of communication that are important in all stages of educational development.

Click! Snap!  Look at what I see!