Teen Volunteers Prepare Meals for People with Cancer and Their Families

21 November, 2012

The Teen Kitchen Project is a nonprofit organization that brings young people into the kitchen to learn to cook delicious and nourishing food.  The meals they prepare are delivered free of charge to individuals and families who are in crisis due to a life-threatening illness like cancer.

Santa Cruz teens practice generosity and learn cooking and organizational skills including weekly meal delivery to families dealing with the duress of a family member with cancer.  Recipient families win essential nurturance, support and inspiration provided by their teen food delivery angels.  This kind of community building reaches out to local farmers, local groceries, businesses, and non-profit organizations to support of the teens and families brought together by this project.

Bread For The Journey of Santa Cruz County came on board at the beginning, providing a grant of $1000.00 to support Teen Kitchen Project’s need for appliances and kitchen equipment to help them fulfill their dream of reaching everyone in need of this kind of emotional and nutritional support.

Angela Farley, founder (Sept 2012), teacher, and dedicated mother is the inspirational leader of this organization.  It is through her own personal experience supporting her son Charlie through a difficult diagnosis of a rare lung cancer that her journey began in helping others in similar circumstances.

Angela’s wisdom and heartfelt inspiration is infectious in creating a strong thread of community building so dearly needed in our culture of today. Teen Kitchen Project bridges the gaps and the lifelong need to connect with others and the nurturing we need for support through the healing process when life throws us ungodly challenges of illness.

The Teen Kitchen Project’s support for cancer patients is modeled after the Ceres Community Project, a strong force of inspiration and professional training for Angela’s vision to manifest what it is today…..  500 meals already delivered and counting.  What a productive and effective way for teens to spend their time with love and support in their community!

Organic asparagus anyone??!!